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Ventilator experts explain bellavista.

With our online videos, you can learn the versatile and efficient use of the features of our ventilators in self-study. In our videos, we regularly discuss new topics around ventilation with bellavista. You can find them on our website or on our Youtube channel. A regular visit to this channel is worthwhile.

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Application Notes

Application examples from practice

In order to complement our training optimally, we regularly write new application notes at imtmedical. These freely available documents describe the correct measurement procedure for a specific device under test. In close cooperation with various device manufacturers, we show in a few pages how, for example, a specific ventilator needs to be calibrated or tested correctly. The correct settings on the analyser, the relevant ventilation parameters or the required tolerances are presented in detail so that you can start measuring within a very short time. This will save you hours of studying the manuals.

Application Notes

We always have a sympathetic ear for new application examples and ideas. If you have a suggestion for another application note, please email us at

Application Notes


Specialists present our devices in action.

Imtmedical attaches great importance to ensuring that users utilize the diverse application possibilities of our devices optimally. For this reason, we regularly conduct webinars in which we treat specific application examples and new features. On the first Thursday of every month we perform a webinar on our ventilators and on the last Wednesday of each month on our analyzers.

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