imtmedical response to Hamilton Medical Claims on alleged patent infringements

iFlow Sensor

On Feb. 5th 2015, Hamilton Medical advised imtmedical ag by means of a letter that they will, with immediate effect, cease cooperation with imtmedical and stop supplying flow sensors for use on our bellavista ventilator, therefore compromising our customers and patients.

This situation was unacceptable for us, therefore imtmedical decided to manufacture our own flow sensor range. We have adopted and significantly improved the publicly available physical concept for flow sensors and have applied for a subsequent new patent.

The new imtmedical flow sensors; 40S and 200S have significantly improved performance and are also suitable for application with devices of our competitors.

Our flow sensors are exclusively available from our subsidiary in Singapore for the whole world.

On December 2015, Hamilton Medical filed a complaint for patent infringement of their flow sensor patent, which is only valid in Switzerland, against imtmedical. We are confident that we do not violate Hamilton Medical's patent and dispute the allegations in the claim.

We assure all our worldwide customers, and in particular, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the continued supply of all imtmedical flow sensors for our bellavista range of ventilators.

imtmedical ag reserves the right to take legal action against any claims to the contrary.

iFlow Sensoren

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