imtmedical supports pioneers in lung transplantation

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Only a fraction of the donated lungs are suitable for transplant. In order to greatly increase this number, the Canadian company XOR Labs has dramatically refined the Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) system. With this method, donor lungs are perfused before transplantation outside the body (ex vivo) in a solution of nutrients and connected to a ventilator. Since they are not in a human body, the perfusion and ventilation conditions can be optimized for recovery and repair. In addition, they can be easily assessed in order to judge the suitability for transplantation, improving the safety of this challenging operation. Donor lungs that would have been discarded without this treatment can now be transplanted if they perform well during the process. For the production of a complete EVLP apparatus, XOR Labs is using bellavista ventilators. «The fact that imtmedical is comparatively small and therefore more flexible fits very well with our needs, and indeed they have been wonderful partners to work with», says Tom Waddell, CEO of XOR Labs about our cooperation. Working with eminent authorities of lung surgery on this procedure is a huge success for imtmedical. «It is great to make a contribution to the fact that many more donor lungs can be used and lives saved», explains imtmedical CEO Harri Friberg.

XOR Labs

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