Award for Excellent Sales Performance

imtmedical ag

The fact that imtmedical can look back on a very successful 2017 worldwide is not only due to our innovative products, but above all to a network of strong business partners. For this reason, we would like to honor the most effective of them with the imtmedical award as a special thank-you. By awarding this prize for the first time, we want to create a tradition to reward exceptional performances of our business partners. At the same time, we hope that our goal-oriented cooperation will be crowned with success again in the current year.

Award 2017

The following companies were honored by the imtmedical award 2017:


Advanced Technology Company, Kuwait

BC Group International, Inc., USA

Bellavista Korea, Republic of Korea

IMI Co., Ltd., Japan

MBUSO Medical Supplies C.C., South Africa

mtk Peter Kron GmbH, Germany

PT Rajawali Nusindo, Indonesia

Ringted Investment S.L., Cuba

Sirican S.A. / Tecmédica, Ecuador

Theramed AG, Switzerland

Tokibo (Shanghai) Trading Company, China

Walmed Sp. z o. o., Poland

Zao Berner Ross Medical, Russia

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